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Wapiganapo tembo nyasi huumia – When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers

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New Hope Childrens Home and Comunity School

New Hope Childrens Home and School was established by Japheth Eyama in 2004. Today the orphanage is taking care ofnearly 40 chidren, and the school is educating more than 300 pupils.

14 teachers is taking care of the children at daytime, two house mothers at night. The children appreciate and value their new lives, and they’re working hard with school. Most of them have lost their parents after HIV/AIDS. Some of the children are also HIV-positive. New Hope is focusing on both boys and girls, age 5-18. The orphanage is dreaming about finishing the buildings of both the orphanage and school, and of opening a medical clinic in the future.