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Wapiganapo tembo nyasi huumia – When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers

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Become sponsor of a boy As Survivor Fellowship is an independent organization cooperating with different, local projects, the price of being a sponsor will depend on which center the actual boy will be taken to. The age of the boy and class, will contribute on deciding the price as well. Normal price varies from 250-350 kroners/30-40 euros per month. Sponsors will be followed up with reports and pictures now and then.

Sponsor: If you want to become a sponsor of a child, please send an e-mail to leader Nina Haarklou and inform about this. As described above, the costs of being a sponsor will be somewhat different.

The sponsor can choose whether sponsorship should be paid monthly, two times a year, or one time every year (equal to 12 months fee).

When a sponsor child is received and payment is about being transfered, mark the transfer with “Sponsor”, month/s and year the payment is supposed to cover, and the name of the sponsor child. Ex.:. ”Sponsor, Jul-Dec 2011, Rama Rama”.